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News » Website » We renewed

Website : We renewed

Posted by nortsen on 2012/6/2 14:20:00 (13000 reads)
Welcome all visitors on our renewed webpage!

Since a long time was our website unchanged, now time has come, to change some of our content and design, to fit new times better. It's long ago we started with the preparations, and we gladly introduce the new page now, since 8 moths have passed since we started to plan this renewal. As i earlier wrote, we had been mainly technically changing, desing was of lower priority. Regarding the content of the website, there were only marginal changes, you will find same downloads, documents on the webpage, as earlier. But what did change at all?:

- the engine of the website has been modernized, we made a huge step forward regarding security.
- completely new design.
- Captcha registration (Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart).
- New main menu and menu structure.
- Private messages will properly work, are more easily to access.
- Screenshot Gallery module (not active yet).
- Structure and design of Downloads changed singnifically.
- Files under Downloads may not be linked to other webpages.
- New Forum version and design. From now the Forum screen will automatically fit onto your screen (maximum 1900 pixels). It results more space for chats and linking screenshots.
- A new, widely known image display method is applied, called lightbox. [img] linking in the Forum will use already this method.
- Last but not at least, we prepared a new "live" header, with continous traffic, you may not stop.

The background of our header is temporary right now. Maybe later we start a contest on this, and the person delivering the best background, burns his/her image into the monitor of the visitors for all ages.

Special thanks to:
- Sasati: for the excellent train images!
- Guriga: for the fantastic Hungarian text.
- Sura: for the translation.

If You discover any errors/problems on the webpage, you would report those here.

A happy browsing and chat for all!
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