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3D Object Converter
3D Object Converter. A useful utility helping You to convert different 3 d model fileformats into each-other.
We would like to ask Your attention for a tool, produced for Developers. It is first time in the 4 years history of the game, that we may convert the fileformat of all 3d objects, and we may display them with the help of the 3D Object Converter. This is a very serious thing and what is even better, this software is Hungarian, and recognises more than 400 file-formats.
We should express here our thanks for the developer, as he reacted very simpatic, and built in his software the Trainz fileformats within few days.
This software is shareware, may be used without registration of limited functionality for 30 days, although if it is not bought the fileformats are strongly limited under the Save button. If you may need the full functionality, you should buy it.

The converting capacities are very useful by conversions between different platforms, which would not be an easy task to realise without the 3DOC. Although we know other softwares of this purpose, none of those has this wide range of the possible in- and output fileformats. And one of those is the Trainz format!

The website of the 3D Object Converter is as follows:


With this tool it will be possible for You to edit all 3d models. If you buy this software of this purpose, pay attention to the copyrights! All existing models have its owners and copyright-holders, which should be taken strictly into account!
The H0 TTrainz Team does not allow to edit any of their models! The rules regulating this issue are to be read under the topic: Licence.

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