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Welcome to the site of H0 TTrainz!

The Hungarian extensions of Trainz, an excellent simulator (TRS2004,TRS2009, TS2010, TS12) is the main topic of our website. HoTTrainz team supports and extends the content of this webpage since its foundation in 2002. Our main mission is to rebuild and model the Hungarian Railway World. You may download over more hundred models for FREE, which has been made by us or were by other friend teams published. Over this, our kind visitor will find plenty of railway and game related documents while browsing our Support or Forum pages. We wish to have many pleasant hours of joy while browsing and reading. Please do not forget about the fact, that all content you see/download here was resulted after many hours of volunteer and altruistic work.
Priority News
Posted by nortsen (2012/6/2)
Welcome all visitors on our renewed webpage!

Since a long time was our website unchanged, now time has come, to change some of our content and design, to fit new times better. It's long ago we started with the preparations, and we gladly introduce the new page now, since 8 moths have passed since we started to plan this renewal. As i earlier wrote, we had been mainly technically changing, desing was of lower priority. Regarding the content of the website, there were only marginal changes, you will find same downloads, documents on the webpage, as earlier. But what did change at all?:

Posted by guriga (2014/5/12)
Elnézést kérünk a weblap sorozatos leállásáért!
Sajnos rajtunk kívül álló okok miatt nem tudjuk időben megjavítani a problémát, így türelmeteket kérjük. A hibaelhárítás valószínűleg több időt fog igénybe venni, ezért az elkövetkező időkben még számolni kell további leállással illetve lassulással. Köszönjük!

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HOTT M41 csomag TANE...
HOTT M41 csomag TANE...
Submitted Date 2015/9/2
HOTT Gigant csomag T...
HOTT Gigant csomag T...
Submitted Date 2015/9/1
Állomási lámpa cs...
Állomási lámpa cs...
Submitted Date 2014/6/4
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